Operating System Concepts  FAQ Page


1. What's up with the dinosaurs on the covers?

Great question! Peter Galvin has written up a very nice description of the history of Operating Systems Concepts as well as an explanation of the meaning behind the dinosaurs.

Click here to see all covers.

2. Can I have the solutions manual?

Only if you are a professor using Operating Systems Concepts in your class. Access to the instructors manual is accessible through your Wiley sales representative. Click here to find your sales rep. If you are a student seeking solutions, we cannot honor your request.

However, we do offer solutions to the practice exercises.

3. Would you please send me a pdf of the textbook?

Uh, no. However, we do offer a Kindle version that is available for sale. Visit Amazon for ordering details.

4. I have found an error and I'd like to let you know.

Great! And thank you. Although we try, errors are inevitable and we appreciate your feedback. However, it is possible that the error has already been identified. Probably worth first checking our errata page. If not, please send the error you have found to os-book-authors@cs.yale.edu